Worst Hotels of Asia

Phi phi Don

Worst Hotels of Asia I guess some of my fans would never have guessed I’d be looking as far and wide as Asia…

So here is another spill from some of the guests who have stayed at these so called nice hotels. Let’s take a look at the list shall we?

1- Phi phi Don Chukit Resort – KO Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Ranked as: Like a plague

The reason: Dirty bathrooms, stained linens, terrible breakfast. Claims one traveller, off from Trip Advisor. The mirror in the bathroom of one room was rumored to have been rusty on the side panels, and leading onto the mirror itself. The wooden doors were peeling, and a nasty smell plagued the rooms. Clogged drains and dirty bathroom floors chased out two guests without looking back. I guess this really is a Chuck It  away hotel…

2- Raj Residency – Chennai (Madras), India

Ranked as: OUCH!

The reason: Taps were leaking into the toilet, the toilet would not flush, and cockroaches roamed the grounds of this scum hole of a hotel. Bad service, made it apparent to one guest that they left. No amenities in the rooms at all, as the cupboards were bare in this case. Broken buckets and mugs seemed to be in almost every room, according to my research on reviews of this place. Indeed it’s enough to make ones head spin, and cry out OUCH!

3- Goldkist Beach Resort- Singapore, Singapore

Ranked as: Disgraceful

The reason: Garbage sat outside the door of one guest’s room, and was still there the next day when they left. The rooms were dirty, and  a large clump of hair covered a drain in the bathtub, as well as hair all over the floor, looking as though the room had not been cleaned in over a year, complains another reviewer. Very very run down, and just simply outdated.

4- Mahkota Hotel Melaka – Melaka, Malaysia

Ranked as: A Nightmare

The reasons: cigarette butts in the pool, stagnant air within rooms, a kitchen, not meant for cooking in. A guest found a finger nail upon the bedroom floor, so it goes to show you, that the hotel never vacuums the floors. Another room was infested with mosquitoes, and there was a lizard in the room, trying to eat the mosquitoes, and the guest also stipulated that they were worried about ther bed having fleas!

5- Centaur Hotel, IGI Airport – New Delhi, India