Welcome to The Rockies

Welcome to The Rockies

Welcome to The Rockies This article is an introduction to the Rockies and their breathtaking panoramas.

If you ever get to encounter the beauty of the Rockies, it will be one of your life’s magical moments. You will be treated to an amazing panorama of some of America’s breathtaking natural beauty: towering mountains, scenic roadways, blue lakes, magnificent forests, parks, rock formations and many more. This is what former US President Theodore Roosevelt called “scenery that bankrupts the English language”.

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy in these places, like rafting, skiing, fishing, sailing, camping or hiking. The air here is really fresher, the water clearer, the sky bigger than any place you will ever see. The clean, crisp atmosphere penetrates the senses. A combination of wildlife, sports, nature, art, adventure and history is to be found in all five Rocky states: Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Montana and Utah.

The Rockies still remained as the first pathfinders, Lewis  and Clark, saw them. Because of their many snow-capped peaks, the Rocky Mountains were called the “Shining Mountains” by the Indians who lived or travelled within sight of them. The Cheyenne Indians, who lived east of the Rockies in a flat country of the High Plains, considered the mountains a place where only spirits could safely go, forbidden to mankind, one to hold in awe. To the Europeans that began to come to these places, the mountains were not a forbidden place, but a barrier to be challenged. The land of the Rockies still hasn’t been conquered, however. Populations in the five states are among the lowest density in the US.

Today the Rockies are no longer the home of mysterious spirits, neither a great wall separating the two parts of the nation. They are settled lands, clustered around intact wilderness.