Veronica Sweets – Casino in Las Vegas Nevada

Veronica Sweets

Veronica is staying in the executive suite of the Orion hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. She is about to enter the world of High Stakes poker.

The Lilac vapors rose with the steam as Veronica Sweets admired all five feet two inches of her perfectly sculpted body partially reflecting back through the mist in the full length mirror.  The heated marble floors radiated warmth through the souls of her feet.  Her hair a natural auburn had recently been dyed black and it made her feel very powerful.  Her eyes sparkled an unnatural blue as they took in her nudity amongst the back drop of the master bath of the executive suite of the Orion Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.  Her belly was a little bigger than normal from the executive meal she had just consumed and now she was going to enjoy the Roman bath she had looked forward to since spying it for the first time less than an hour before.

“Veronica you have arrived.”  Said Miss Sweets as she slid into the soft water of the over sized bath.

A plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a tall glass of Asti Spumanti were the perfect complement to the excellent meal she had just devoured.  A half hour slipped by as all of Veronica’s cares vanished in the bath.  Drying herself with an Egyptian cotton towel and then slipping on the plush white robe monogrammed with Orion she thought to herself.  Roni you could get used to this real easy.   A cell phone rang in the next room which she ignored as she brushed her hair.  I guess it’s time to go to work she thought exchanging the comfortable robe for black leather Versace pants that hugged in all the right places. The Versus pullover turtleneck was polyester but it shimmered like leather and with a few tugs and pulls displayed the girls in all of their glory.  Diamond stud earrings and Steve Madden stiletto heels completed the ensemble.

Thanks for the meal John I am going to go play some poker she whispered to the corpse on the bed.  On the bed lay the body of John Tuberfield, Chief executive of Tulsa Power and Light.  John had been unfortunate enough to have been given the executive suite the same weekend that Veronica had decided to play some poker in Vegas.  If Veronica wasn’t a vampire it would not be difficult for her to pick up men.  But being a vampire meant she could not only choose her company for the evening but through telepathy she knew everything there was to know about them before she got them to their rooms.

Most vampires avoid the lime light, they quietly go about their lives taking anonymous victims and working as mortgage brokers, hedge fund managers, hospital administrators, or even therapists-they make really good therapists.  But Veronica Sweets was not your typical vampire she was not content with eating homeless people and working a nine-to-five job.    Most of the outlaw vampires simply go into dealing drugs as it provides plenty of money, plenty of food sources and a lifestyle most vampires are content with.  But Veronica hadn’t longed for the lifestyle either.  She wanted to be a gambler.

John Tuberfield had been a regular card player in Vegas since his days at Enron.  Like all good poker players he knew when to fold and moved on from Enron with a bank account full of bonus money before the rest of the world had ever even heard of it.  Tulsa Power and Light was happy to bring in such a successful and well respected executive.  His experience in profiting off of bad regulations, loopholes in energy contracts, and the friendliness of local government officials towards profitable pollution and a country hungry for power that polluted someone else’s backyard was a perfect match.  The smaller company and private jet meant that at the end of his 60 hour weeks he could fly in to Vegas for some weekend rest and relaxation at his favorite past time, high stakes poker.  But John’s story is pretty much through. The $150,000 in cash he’d brought with him was heading down to the cage about to be exchanged for a rack and a half of 1000 dollar chips.

The Orion vip room was hosting a 1000/2000 rotating game that alternated between no limit Texas Holdem and limit Omaha.  There were 6 players at the table when Veronica Sweets was sat by the manager.

“Well hello Little Lady, This table just got a whole lot prettier.”  Said Tommy Anderson a Texas Oilman who despite making a hundred times more money on his investments in European Power concerns than on crude oil still liked to be known as an oil guy.

“Good Evening Gentlemen.” Said Veronica, taking note of the many wild and varied thoughts travelling through the minds of the table’s occupants.

Tommy was a flirt and although he had strayed from time to time in his youth as he had grown older he was far more likely to spend the evenings with his beloved Betsy.  This however did not preclude him from the normal thoughts that travel through a man’s brain while his dumb smile attempts to hold the attention of a beautiful woman.  Veronica made note of the sensual nature of his fantasy and found it somewhat flattering compared to what goes through most men’s minds.

As for the man next to Tommy, he was a lifelong gambler and hard drinker.   What got his rocks off if they would even load anymore was a lot of hard slapping name calling and hair pulling.  Definitely not the kind of guy most women like to find themselves with.  His name was Dick, how apropos.

Next to him was a young navy guy.  Anthony Hanes like the underwear.  This shit stain had come in first in the 500 dollar buy in afternoon tourney and won him $20,000 dollars.  He then proceeded to the black jack tables where he won five 15,000 dollar hands in a row.  He had sat down with 95,000 dollars less than an hour ago and was sitting on a stack of 20,000 now.  I will get to why he is a shit stain a little later.

Mitch Irving made his living writing books about poker.  He wrote about theory and practice, bankroll management and odds.  He wrote about tournaments and cash games.  It is a good thing his books sold so well because he lost a ton of money actually playing the game.  His thoughts were more about Anthony than the hot young thing that just sat at the table and I will leave it at that.

Philippe Juarez owned a Cigar plantation down in the Dominican Republic.  Making a 92 rated Churchill will make you famous in the cigar business.  Convincing college kids that is very cool to smoke a 10 dollar cigar will make you rich.  Philippe had watched the world poker tour for years and he always wanted to test his metal against those guys.  Tonight he was up 75,000 but most of that was thanks to Anthony.  He wasn’t here to charm any ladies.  He had plenty back home.  He was all business.

Michael Gooding had in fact won a world poker tour event.  He had also seen his share of final tables both on the tour and elsewhere.  He was frustrated by Anthony’s aggressive play and Phillipe’s counter punches that had him laying down decent hands all night.  The cards would come he kept telling himself.  The cards would come.  Well lady lucky may not have appeared in the form of a pair of Queens tripping up on the flop but this delicious morsel that just sat down would at least be something interesting to look at while he waited for some cards.

Veronica made seven and waited patiently for the blind taking in far more information on her opponents than any human ever could. The game was interesting as Anthony had tightened up due to his small stack, Philippe had become bolder.  Philippe was seeing about 60% of the flops which would classify him as insane by most poker book standards even the ones written by Mitch.  And every flop was met with a large bet by Philippe whether he had the cards or not.  This made it very difficult for the others to get a read on him.  His stack grew from 175,000 when Veronica had sat down to over 260, 000 an hour later.   Anthony had pushed all in once with 10 10 and the only caller had been Philippe who was holding 66 the flop came 996 and everyone thought that Anthony’s night was through but then a third nine hit on the river rendering Philippe’s trip 6s irrelevant and Anthony won with a full house 999 10 10 to Philippe’s full house 999 66.  Philippe still had thought he won and the dealer had to explain to him why only two of his 6’s played.

In another big hand Mitch refused to let Ace King go when the board flopped 10 7 7.  Philippe raised 10,000 from early position with a Queen Jack.  Mitch simply called and the turn was a 3.  Philippe then bet 10,000 more on the turn and Mitch raised it 10,000.  Philippe called the 10,000 and the river brought a Queen.  Philippe bet 20,000 and Mitch reluctantly called it.  The queen was good enough to give Philippe the win and the very large pot.

Veronica had waited very patiently but now she finally had a hand she could play.  Here she was in the big blind with the King of clubs and the king of hearts.  Tom Anderson folded; Dick looked down at 74 and tossed it into the muck.  Anthony Hanes looked at his stack, 24,000 is what he counted but he actually had 28,000.  Raise 10,000 he announced pushing 10,000 chips into the middle confident of his Jack of hearts, jack of spades.  Mitch Irving folded quickly, Call said Philipe looking down at a pair of 7s one a spade the other a diamond and pushing his 10,000 toward the middle.  The other players quickly folded and it was Veronica’s turn to act.  She knew that Anthony was going to call no matter what so she was safe to push him in for his last 18,000.  She didn’t think Philippe would go all in on a pair of 7s but unless he hit one but she thought he might bluff at the pot if the flop was all low cards.  This made it seem like a very good bet to go ahead and put Anthony all in knowing that Philippe would call and might make a very bad bet if she were to check to him on the flop.  So having read their minds and seen the cards Veronica was very confident in her next move.  28,000 She announced feigning a little hesitation hoping to give off a vibe like she had ak or aq.  All in said Anthony pushing in the last 18,000 of his chips.  I call said Philippe really hoping a 7 would hit the flop.

The dealer flipped over the first three cards. 10 of spades, 3 of hearts, 2 of spades. Called out the dealer as the cards hit the felt.  Veronica was first to act.  Check she said, I’m already all in said Anthony pretty happy the flop was all below him.  All in said Philippe catching Veronica by surprise.  ‘All in,’ she thought?  Wow that is perfect that idiot just went all in with 2 outs.  Unless he catches one of those 7s I am golden.  I call said Veronica turning over her kings.

“Oh Crap, come on Jack” said Anthony turning up his Jack of spades and jack of hearts.

¡mierda!” came from Phillipe.

The turn was a King of spades.  Wow thought Veronica game over.  And then the river came, an ace of spades.

“holy crap, I won!” said Anthony.

“what?” Said Veronica not seeing the flush.

“four to a flush on the board baby read them and weep!”  Said Anthony.

“Ha, ha I won also you don’t have a spade!”  Said Philippe standing up and pumping his fists.

Chris the dealer said “7 high flush takes the side pot,” as he shoved well over 200,000 in chips towards Phillipe who had jumped up and was rubbing the shoulders of Anthony.

“And the main pot goes to the Jack high flush.”   Said the dealer, pushing 85,000 chips in front of Anthony.

Veronica sat in stunned silence, a two card suck out for all of her chips. These two shit stains had drained her entire bankroll in one fluke hand.  How the hell could her luck be so bad?  She knew the cards, she knew the odds.  She had gotten all in as a heavy favorite.

“Would you like to rebuy?” Asked the dealer Chris, with genuine empathy in his thoughts and expression.

“I am almost back to even baby!” Said Anthony with his confidence completely restored.

“I would like a couple of racks I am going to call it a night.”  Said Philippe stacking the enormous pile of chips in front of him.

“No, I think I am done.”  Said Veronica, having spent every dollar she took from John.

Well maybe poker wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be.  But looking over Philippe and Anthony she could at least be thankful that she would leave Vegas well fed.