McDonald’s Strange Menu Around the World

McDonald’s Strange Menu Around the World So you think you know the McDonald’s menu like the back of your hand? Think again. From McDonald’s international, here are some menu items you have probably never tried before.

Good morning, welcome to McDonald’s. May I have your order please?


In India, there are no Big Macs because the Hindu people don’t eat beef.

However, they have the Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac made of lamb or chicken meat. There is also a vegetarian burger, the McAloo Tikki.


In fish-loving Norway, they have the McLaks, a sandwich made of grilled salmon and dill sauce.


It’s bottoms up in Germany, where McDonald’s serves – Beer!


In parts of Canada, have a lobster dinner with the McLobster lobster roll. Pardon me – “McHomard” (in French).


Japan totally reinvents McDonald’s with its Ebi Filet-O (shrimp burgers), Koroke Burger (mashed potato, cabbage and katsu sauce, all in a sandwich), Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets) and Green Tea-flavored milkshake!


In Chile, you can dress your burgers with – not ketchup – avocado paste!


In Costa Rica, unsurprisingly, you can order Gallo Pinto, meaning rice and beans.


It’s not Greek without pita, so when in Greece, have a Greek Mac, a burger made of patties wrapped in pita.


Rice-loving Hong Kong, has – of course – Rice Burgers, where the burgers are in between, not burger buns, but two patties of glutinous rice.


In Israel, McDonald’s has 3 kosher restaurants where cheeseburger and dairy products are not served because Jewish Law forbids serving “the child [cow/beef] in its mother’s milk [dairy].” They have McShawarma, meat in a pita bread roll.


In Uruguay, they have the McHuevo, which is like a regular hamburger, but it is topped with a poached egg.


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#1 by Bryant, Jul 19, 2007
We have the McLobster Rolls here in Maine too…

#2 by Dustin, Jul 19, 2007
Why is the sign for Israel in Arabic and why does it say McArabia?

#3 by Kerry, Jul 19, 2007
Arabs live in Israel too, that’s why the sign is in Arabic.

#4 by Dustin-hater, Jul 19, 2007
Dustin, you’re a moron. Watch the news for 5 seconds.

#5 by keltron, Jul 19, 2007

don’t forget japanese mango pies


#6 by McTurco, Jul 19, 2007

#7 by mind, Jul 19, 2007
i’m glad mcdonalds in the us doesn’t have anything vegetarian, else there might be a slight chance i’d eat their trash

#8 by Homer, Jul 19, 2007

D’Oh McBeer!


#9 by overstim, Jul 19, 2007

McD’s in Kuwait has the McArabia as well… and a Chicken Big Mac. The biggest surprise to me though, was the old-skool styrofoam clamshells!

#10 by bob, Jul 19, 2007
You are vegetarian, hahaha

#11 by Seth, Jul 19, 2007
I think the point was that if it was in Israel it would probably be in both Hebrew, Arabic and English. Not being in Hebrew would also make me suspect that the picture in question is actually from a McDonalds in an Arab country such as Saudi Arabia who would probably be much more excited to have a McArabia samich with Authentic Arabic Taste, although I’ve never been able to figure out what an authentic Arab taste’s like.

#12 by Techwolf, Jul 19, 2007

I’ve been to a McDonalds in Venice. I had the Pulp-Fiction-made-famous Royale with Cheese. I seem to remember a McHotDog on the menu though.

Also managed to get to a McDonalds in Ireland where they offered a McPork sandwich.

#13 by Jizzabelle, Jul 19, 2007
Its sad that you do not know that there are Arabic people in Israel… Just turn on the news. Better yet! Use the exact same internet that you just used to view this to actually EDUCATE yourself. God Bless USA and UK

#14 by Naomi, Jul 19, 2007

Hey, I’m in Israel. They DO have the McShwarma, which is lamb, but those products in the images are NOT israeli. There ARE three kosher mcdonalds’s, but also a few dozen non-kosher ones, where all these products are also served. The non-kosher ones are far more popular.

There’s no McArabia here. The menus here are in english and hebrew. Also, there’s the McKabab.

Frankly, I usually order the nuggets and a cheeseburger. If I want traditional middle-eastern faire, I don’t usually go to a fast food corporation.

Naomi in Jerusalem, Israel

#15 by mIDO, Jul 19, 2007
in spain serves beer too

#16 by yank4251, Jul 19, 2007
But what about the Royale with cheese?

#17 by Naomi, Jul 19, 2007
And Dustin-Hater… yeesh.

#18 by Zeb, Jul 19, 2007
What about McDonalds in Australia where they have the McOz (or at least they did 7 years ago) with pineapple, beets and carrots on it!

#19 by yank4251, Jul 19, 2007
Yup. Very popular here. Most israelis don’t keep kosher.

#20 by Juanjo, Jul 19, 2007
You got wrong the country for the “Menu McPollo Junior con guacamole” because here in Chile we don’t say guacamole, we say “palta” when we want to refer to avocado.

#21 by Naomi, Jul 19, 2007
erm, that last post by yank4251 was by me, Naomi. I’m a moron.

#22 by mutmut, Jul 19, 2007
i live in kuwait and we get the mcarabia here too…its basically grilled chicken or beef in pita bread… its all over the middle east not just israel

#23 by Astav Sacheti, Jul 19, 2007
McD’s in India delivers, and has probably the biggest veggie selection in the world

#24 by mutmut, Jul 19, 2007
No McArabia in Israel. The article is wrong.

#25 by desa2117, Jul 19, 2007
in portugal the sale beer too at mc donalds

#26 by bubba, Jul 19, 2007
In the Philippines, Mcd’s also serves fried chicken and spagetti. They even deliver!

#27 by Dout, Jul 19, 2007
In New Mexico They ask if you want green chili on your cheeseburgers

#28 by Sticky rice, Jul 19, 2007
I am quite positive that the sticky rice burger was from Thailand

#29 by jod, Jul 19, 2007
hahah ignorant, thats not israel, its an arabic country, i really doubt that israel would have its menu in arabic.

#30 by bullcrab, Jul 19, 2007
in Hong Kong they still have the old fried apple pies.. mmmmmmm

#31 by noizz, Jul 19, 2007
There is a sandwich called WieśMac in Poland. With some mayo dressing if I remember (not a big fan of it). What’s important is that the name is a word play on Wieśniak (which is equvalent to a redneck) and obviously the Mac suffix.

#32 by, Jul 19, 2007
in québec, canada they sell “poutine” a national speciality made of fries, bbq sauce and cheese

#33 by Quebecois, Jul 19, 2007
In eastern Canada (especially in Quebec), McDonald’s serves Poutine, which consists in fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Miam!

#34 by inNout, Jul 19, 2007

Dustin isn’t a moron, he’s the one actually right.

That picture isn’t even from Israel. its from an Arabic country, as other commenters have confirmed.

The people who told him to educate himself are actually the people that are wrong.

#35 by a guy, Jul 19, 2007
its sad to know that mcdonalds has poluted the bodies of everyone…everywhere

#36 by cyabro, Jul 19, 2007
Here in New Zealand we have the Kiwi Burger.
Just a hamburger with salad, beetroot and an egg on it.

#37 by Perro, Jul 19, 2007
The guacamole one (avocado paste) is mexican, not chilean. Check the currency and the price of the burger.

#38 by Zumbie, Jul 19, 2007
In Brazil Mcd´s have McPastel.

#39 by makkoli, Jul 19, 2007
Kimchi burgers in Korea!

#40 by Carla, Jul 19, 2007
In Peru you can also dress your burgers with guacamole (avocado paste)

#41 by overtoke, Jul 19, 2007
mcdonalds food is packaged puke

#42 by Calvin, Jul 19, 2007
In Soviet Russia, the burger eats you!

#43 by some dude, Jul 19, 2007
For some reason the Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds in Japan taste way better than Chicken McNuggets from a Mcdonald’s in the US.

#44 by BavarianBastard, Jul 19, 2007
Actually, McDonald’s in Germany doesn’t have beer anymore. However, Burger King does. Too bad it’s Miller, though. Who would get a Miller in the land of incredible Bier?

#45 by eru, Jul 19, 2007
the only thing i eat is the sausage biscuit w/ egg and cheese and the occasional drunken double cheez. I would tear up a mcGreek though…..

#46 by eru, Jul 19, 2007
Zu was die ist Welt, die kommt?!?!?!?!?

#47 by beefpot, Jul 19, 2007
MILLER? That’s just a freaking travesty. Sick. I’m disgusted. Oh my God, kill me now.

#48 by James, Jul 19, 2007
New Zealand MacDonald’s put pickled beat in their burgers.

#49 by Brandon, Jul 19, 2007
Also, in Hawaii they have McTaro Pie, taro is the plant they make poi from. (yes, it’s purple!)

#50 by eru, Jul 19, 2007

Here in Chicago they have McWhatsits, a steamy, greasy amalgamation of whatever they scrape off the floor in the back. (AKA #7 breakfast platter) Only 4000 calories, yum!

ps I live 2 minutes from where the Great Mr. Crock’s mansion is (used to be after R. Kelly completely redid it) Now that’s a house, or fortress whatever u wanna call it

#51 by boof, Jul 19, 2007
the Ebi-filet-o is a bit rough… had one last month in Tokyo… I’d call it the McKrill Deluxe. Cuz the shrimp aint shrimp… pretty sure its krill. And the sauce is like from a shrimp louie. Eck…. Avoid the TeriyakiMac as well… Mayo+Teriyaki = gooey crap.

#52 by eru, Jul 19, 2007
mmmmmmm, krill

#53 by carlos, Jul 19, 2007
You forgot the Mcspaghetti in the philippines
oh mcdo too

#54 by juzz, Jul 19, 2007
The best burger in the world wasnt mentioned, the Australian McOz![email protected]/122541388/Its just like a quarter pounder except it also has lettuce, tomato, beetroot (an Australian favourite) and the onions are grilled. Everyone else around the world is missing out!!!

#55 by balls, Jul 19, 2007
I’ve seen the lobster and pizza in mc donalds in the US.

#56 by klu9, Jul 19, 2007
I remember when I was in Taiwan (yeaaarrsss ago) the McDonald’s menu had a whole section of pork products. It would be a very brave fast-food entrepreneur who tried to deny a hungry Chinaman the flesh of the tasty, tasty pig. 🙂

#57 by , Jul 19, 2007
I am currently vacationing in Hong Kong and I see no such thing as the rice burger. This article is wrong.

#58 by Roger, Jul 19, 2007
In Australia they have a McBogan Burger that has two beef patties, cheese, fried corn, lettus, a chicken fillet, mashed potatoe, egg, beetroot, onions, tomatoe, salami and a couple of big steaming grogans.

#59 by ., Jul 19, 2007
the rice burger was on for a limited time about several years ago….they even had a Korean and Japanese inspired menu in HK because people there are into Jap and Korean culture

#60 by Berk Smish, Jul 19, 2007
Hey, that picture from “Uruguay” really isn’t. The Uruguayan Peso (UYU) wouldn’t have a price in Malaysian Ringgits.. On another note, Malaysian McDonald’s have some crazy stuff like McBubur Ayam (some kind of congee). And the picture of the McArabia is not from Israel, otherwise it would be written in Hebrew (the official language). Anyway, good job at multiculturalism, McDonald’s; now I really believe you care about people .

#61 by elcue, Jul 19, 2007
don’t they serve corn soup in Taiwan?

#62 by sinusss, Jul 19, 2007
we have rice burgers here in the philippines…

#63 by bodongo, Jul 19, 2007
I live in the Congo and we have McHuman which is a tasty white person roasted on a spit and then put between two buns, monkey buns

#64 by pogi, Jul 19, 2007
I think the image of JAPAN is wrong…it’s chinese’s.Kanji characters of package is definitely chinese.

#65 by Jeff, Jul 19, 2007
err…Japan uses Kanji too.

#66 by Anteros, Jul 19, 2007

I’m from Chile and we call the avocado PALTA not Guacamole as suggested in the picture.

That one is from Mexico, not Chile.

Most popular sandwich around here is the Italiano (hot dog, with hamburguer, meat or anything) which has Tomato, Avocado and Mayonnaise, resembling the colors from Italy Flag.

#67 by HongKonger, Jul 19, 2007
For those of you that say the article is wrong about the Rice Burger, IT”S TRUE! It was a limited time item on the menu in HK, I lived there and I’ve had this burger several times. It is the yummy. =)

#68 by steveebee, Jul 19, 2007
in australia we have this homestlye one that just came out called the “name it” and it tastes like a real burger, not like those other ones. it scrumdidalyumcious!

#69 by wangchan, Jul 19, 2007

We also have the Rice Burgers here in the Philippines.

Interesting urban legend: The filling of McD’s apple pies sold in the Phils. are actually made of sayote/chayote marinated in apple sauce and syrup, to cut costs.

For anyone who hasn’t tried a chayote, it’s a gourd plant (related to the squash) which has a texture similar to that of an apple or pear. It’s also relatively tasteless, hence the need for the apple sauce.

Well, again, this is an urban legend, which hasn’t been confirmed one way or the other. interestingly enough, i don’t recall seeing any signs proclaiming McD’s apple pies to be made of 100% apples, so… ;D

#70 by cheesygarcia, Jul 19, 2007
in the philippines they also have “longganisa meal”, which is spicy sausage with rice. oh and they serve rice with fried chicken as well.

#71 by seitrk, Jul 19, 2007
great post! dont forget to add the Russian huge bigmac!
and the japanese pic above is not actually japanese, it’s taiwanese(i guess).

#72 by Mc’Arabia, Jul 20, 2007

I don’t live in Israel, itss my cousin: Mc’Shawarma that lives there.

#73 by El Pikante, Jul 20, 2007
In Munich they serve El Pikante, which is essentially their hamburger patties mashed into a steak form. It is served on a pita with sour cream and some sort of hot sauce.

#74 by cvs, Jul 20, 2007
In The Netherlands we have the McKroket, a bun with mayonaise sauce and a burger-shaped kroket between it.

#75 by eagle, Jul 20, 2007


These are available there due to the lack of hippies and their mentality in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf region in general compared to what we have in the US. You’ll also note that they keep the food warm and fresh and make it taste much better than the crap paper packages which I’ve seen in Europe and America.

#76 by SweetieRach, Jul 20, 2007
I was wondering how come Uruguay’s currency is RM. In fact, it’s Uruguayan Peso (UYU). Maybe that picture is Malaysia MacDonald; the Malaysian currency is in RM (Ringgit Malaysia).

#77 by Paul Gifford, Jul 20, 2007
You little comment in the Canadian section (Pardon me – “McHomard”) is insulting and shows your ignorance.

#78 by, Jul 20, 2007

This just inspires to go off and tour the world’s mcdomalds resteraunts and blog about the differences all over the place!

Or create a blog about McDonald’s around the world and people could contribute whatever is unique.

Very cool!

#79 by Mads, Jul 20, 2007
in Japan, don’t forget the mega terriyaki and the extra large (four beef!) big mac.

#80 by hoogabooger, Jul 20, 2007
Mickey D’s tends to approach the locals just a bit to increase their sales… Around here they try to sell espresso coffee (McCafé)along with local pastry and light wholesome healthy McSOUP!

#81 by Raj, Jul 20, 2007

I am a hindu and I eat beef. Only some castes, like the Brahmins, under the hindu religion do not eat beef. So next time you see an Indian, it is OK to ask them if they eat meat.

I’m gonna get me somma them beef burgers now..y’all take it easy..ok..

#82 by Fat Free Milk, Jul 20, 2007

But why do they sell Ox Scrotum for the collectors like here?…..freemilk75

I miss Bacon, but not McDonalds bacon.

#83 by , Jul 20, 2007
they dont have veg burgers elsewhere ?

#84 by Smiz, Jul 20, 2007
In Britain we have the Angus Burger….or was that Burger King all the same greasy crap to me. Essentially the Angus burger was just a burger but was actually made out of a cow instead of assorted animals.

#85 by mballe, Jul 20, 2007
During a visit to Bangkok, I saw that McDonalds had Apple Pies with Strawberry for sale 🙂

#86 by Shiv, Jul 20, 2007
Unlike Raj, Iam not Brahmin and I don’t eat beef. Just wanted to clarify that my type people also exist in India, who btw also don’t talk like blacks all the time 😉

#87 by kidchameleon, Jul 20, 2007
in japan i had a mcteriyaki burger, it was pretty good

#88 by Buffaloed, Jul 20, 2007
How about here in the USA? Try to find just an ordinary Hamburger on their menu. Plus you can’t get a freshly made burger – all precooked and then nuked when you order.

#89 by fooooyuck, Jul 20, 2007
wot about weird mcdonald’s menus in thailand?

#90 by Peter K., Jul 20, 2007
Why don’t we put the McKibosh on this and enjoy what we all have instead of cutting other people down.

#91 by poultrybot, Jul 20, 2007
In Thailand in 1998 I photographed a McD’s sign for a “Samurai Pork Set.” I have absolutely no clue what it was.

#92 by Erock, Jul 20, 2007
I think the Maharaja Mac looks very appealing [Yes, I’m serious and no, I’m not being facetious!]

#93 by Nick, Jul 20, 2007
To the people hating on the McVegetarian choices, calling them “trash”, thus implying the “meat” is…I don’t know meat; the irony is laughable.

#94 by S, Jul 20, 2007
In Romania there are McPork Sandwiches, which I had never seen before in the US.

#95 by gordon, Jul 20, 2007

i loved the McIndie when I lived in france.

the McAfrica is supposed to be good but the were issues because it had a pita.


#96 by jan, Jul 20, 2007
We have the McEgg in Germany, too.

#97 by phil, Jul 20, 2007
yummy, india….

#98 by JB, Jul 20, 2007
Those rice patty burgers from Hong Kong are WICKED GOOD! A similar sandwich exists at Dicos, a Chinese-based fast food chain. They call it the “mi han bao,” or “rice hamburger.” Great article!

#99 by brian, Jul 20, 2007
In Sweden, they serve cous-cous and beer!

#100 by Rob, Jul 20, 2007
First of all, Isreal IS an arabian country (along with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan). So please stop trying to act like they are 2 different places. Just because the rest of the arabian countries hate isreal, for whatever asssinine reason, doesn’t mean that isrealis are not arabs.
Second, palastinians are a group of people. Saying Palastine is a place is like saying the Aryan Nation is a place.
Third, the picture under the Isreal part is to represent the difference between the middle eastern REGION compared to other places in the world. No where does it say that the McArabia whatever is sold in Isreal…you all are connecting the two AS IF someone made such a claim. The part about Isreal clearly states that they have the McShawarma thing.And to think that all of the problems in that part of the world are because of peoples’ varying beliefs in fictional supernatural entities.

#101 by Rob, Jul 20, 2007
basically, the problem in the middle east is that no one pays attention to anyone else and makes assumtions that clearly contradict reality. And then you fight over it. Then it becomes like a pissing contest with no one willing to back down. Even in here, a bunch of people are getting aggressively argumentative over whether they sell a particular sandwich in a certain place….WHO CARES??? If as much energy wasted fighting was put toward making peace, the rest of the world wouldn’t get a damn headache hearing about a bunch of babies squabbling over nothing.

#102 by Spam, Jul 20, 2007
Don’t forget about the Hawaii/Guam Menu with Your choice of Spam and Fried Rice. And I believe Guam has the second or third largest McDonalds in the world. Orlando is the largest.

#103 by maine, Jul 20, 2007
Most people think Maine is in Canada. Lobster rolls are awesome!

#104 by jzsworld, Jul 20, 2007
In El Salvador, french fries are made out of yucca, which in my opinion taste better than potato french fries. Fried yucca is sold everywhere in El Salvador and is a local favorite.

#105 by Paulo, Jul 20, 2007
Rob: it takes more than geography to define an arabic country. Hebrews and arabs have the same cultural origin: they both are semites, and that’s it. Most saudits are arabs, most iranians are persian and most israelits are hebrews. Israelits don’t belong to the arabic peninsula or the arabic league. They don’t share the same idiom or religious beliefs with arabs. Those are the main criterium to define arab people.

#106 by Ian, Jul 20, 2007
“Avocado paste,” lol.

#107 by indiaphile, Jul 20, 2007
Last year in Hyderabad, India I had a “Paneer Salsa Wrap”. Sounds kinda weird, but was really pretty good. I usually don’t care for McD stuff, but the veg items in India aren’t bad. They got a website:

#108 by Wins, Jul 20, 2007

The Rice Burger in Hong Kong actually is officially called “FANtastic”, because the word for rice in Chinese is “FAN”.

Quite clever from the marketing department, I must admit.

#109 by haha, Jul 20, 2007
There is one thats common across McDs all around the world though – THEY ALL MAKE U FAT!

#110 by speedy, Jul 20, 2007
No more McHuevo here in Uruguay. Too bad, It teasted great!

#111 by Monson, Jul 20, 2007
For Dustin:
The McArabia is served in Egypt. It comes in either Kofta or Chicken varieties. People who think Dustin is ignorant are clearly more ignorant than he.

#112 by nat., Jul 20, 2007
i love that mcdonalds adapts to suit other cultures but MAYBE i would like a frickin pita mac or whatever that was so maybe every mcdonalds should just have everything.

#113 by Aaron, Jul 20, 2007
NOT all the sandwiches in Hong Kong McDonald’s have rice patties instead of buns. That is FALSE.

#114 by Shintia, Jul 20, 2007
There’s McRendang and McSatay in Singapore! Curry sauce, tar tar sauce are served too…

#115 by Steve Savage, Jul 20, 2007

I hate to say this, but most of that stuff looks downright DELICIOUS!

McDonald’s food in the USA is horrible! Figures the overseas folks would enjoy more variety in McDonald’s food than America.

#116 by, Jul 21, 2007
Turkey version:

#117 by Hip, Jul 21, 2007
These comments are way more informative that the article! You learn something everyday…;)

#118 by Literary Princess, Jul 21, 2007
That was great. Thank you for that information.

#119 by Holy, Jul 21, 2007
mmmmmmmmm we dont have McLobster in Quebec – Canada

#120 by barry, Jul 21, 2007
in belgium we dont really need mc donalds , we have “frituren” here , you can get french fries , all kinds of burgers and fried meat variants so, and the fries are a thousand times better , because you need to have a license to start a frituur and you don’t let them make by bored young people 🙂 ,

#121 by k8inhawaii, Jul 21, 2007
In Hawaii we have Taro Pies. Like the apple pie but filled with Taro (kinda like a sweet potato)

#122 by Paulo, Jul 21, 2007
Everything Mr.138 had written tells us way more about himself than about the ones he intended to describe. It’s allways like this, when the arguments are so primitive. So primitive that one can’t even consider him imbecile.

#123 by goober, Jul 21, 2007
It is excellent to see all the variety of interesting food at McDonald’s from around the world, but it is indeed a sad day when Switzerland can’t make a chocolate milkshake. In Switzerland they stopped severing chocolate milkshakes at McDonald’s because they never could add the right amount of chocolate to the milkshake. Amazing the country of chocolate and cheese can’t make a chocolate milkshake. Oh well at least you can have one of the world’s most expensive Big Macs.

#124 by Amanda, Jul 21, 2007
Swiss McDonalds (well, at least the one in Lucerne) also serve wedges which I thought was pretty cool.

#125 by Gomer Pyle, Jul 21, 2007

In Hawaii they have Saimin (like Ramen noodles) with egg, and spam (if I remeber correctly). Very good!

In Guam they had “Chamoro Punch” instead of “Hawaiin Punch”. REALLY!

In Japan they also used to have the BMB (Bacon Mac Burger). The food in Mc Donalds outside of the US seems to be much better than here at home. I don’t remember anything ‘special’ in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico or Taiwan. I didn’t see any golden arches in Iraq.

#126 by Ville, Jul 22, 2007

In Finland McDonald’s used to serve “McRuis”, which was essentially a Quarter Pounder but with rough rye buns (not the fluffy German rye pumpernickel bread) very similar to Finnish bakery Oululainen’s “Reissumies” (“traveling man”) bread.

I just checked to find out that while the “McRuis” product name is apparently no longer used, the rye buns are still available for Quarter Pounder and some other sandwiches as an option.

#127 by Jack, Jul 22, 2007

Actually Mike, most Iranians speak and read Arabic for religious purposes but ethnically they are Persians, not Arabs. (And they speak Pharsi as well as Arabic.)

Most Muslims don’t believe in translating their scriptures into the vernacular, so they only way to read their holy book is to learn Arabic. But that doesn’t make one an Arab.

And while I love all the high-minded calls for a Palestinian state on this thread, perhaps the Palestinians shouldn’t get their own state until they can collectively agree to stop blowing up children on buses.

Or, and here’s a off the wall thought, perhaps they should at least get Hamas and Fatah stop shotting each other and show a united, peaceful, mature front.

Hey- if you want the Global Village to give you your own hut, you gotta quit playing with matches and scaring the neighbor’s kids.

#128 by David, Jul 22, 2007
Y’all, ignorance IS bliss…ALL of you…

#129 by Sandeep, Jul 22, 2007
just one correction….Not all Indians are Hindu
Not all Hindus are veggies
Lot of Hindus eat beef.
and that includes me too. 🙂

#130 by ix3honey, Jul 22, 2007
I wish they had these in the usa. Then there would be more variety instead of the usual bigmac and cheeseburger. But then again, its probably not even that healthy. MAybe instead of going to mcdonalds, maybe you could cook for yourself?

#131 by alessandra, Jul 22, 2007
the photo from the uruguay part is actually a picture from a malaysian mcdonalds. u can tell from the currency RM. I think they have the mcegg on their breakfast menu. rm 1.70 is less than US$0.50

#132 by Alec, Jul 22, 2007
We have the Spam and Eggs Breakfast in Hawaii

#133 by Guest, Jul 22, 2007



#134 by bigfoot, Jul 22, 2007
some weird stuff….

#135 by coco jumbo, Jul 22, 2007
malaysians eat McD…?

#136 by Wolfie!, Jul 23, 2007
Mcdonalds tried an Aussie burger in Australia, but got it wrong by adding that crappy pickle nobody likes. A real Aussie burger contains a couple of slices of beetroot and a fried egg!

#137 by Walid, Jul 23, 2007
every heard of MC Currey in Pakistan

#138 by Tout1Hom, Jul 23, 2007


I’m sure its same around the world… 1 hr after eating yur mcdo, your in the bathroom to process it…


#139 by gyru7, Jul 23, 2007

#140 by Others, Jul 23, 2007
Don’t forget Poutine in Quebec where it actually is quite good.

#141 by mmmm, Jul 23, 2007
when is McSushi coming out?

#142 by KIWIBURGUER, Jul 23, 2007
We have KIWIBURGUER from New Zealand!

#143 by NIk, Jul 23, 2007
The picture in of “israel” mac is not from israel :):)
It even say MAC ARABIA !!!since this mistake is done again and again i am not suprise that some ppl here think that israel is an arab country that only arab letters and no hebrew can be in an add for macdonalds 🙂 LOL.

#144 by Anki, Jul 24, 2007
In Finland we had burgers with rye bread.. 😛

#145 by Hurl, Jul 24, 2007
I think I’m going to be sick in about 50 languages.

#146 by psychic, Jul 24, 2007
hmm, beer in mcdonalds’ in germany.
now that’s progressive :0

#147 by Nick, Jul 24, 2007

and in Italy?

#148 by Javi, Jul 24, 2007
There is a Kosher Mac in Buenos Aires. I think iots the only one outside Israel. Is there any in NY?

#149 by scott, Jul 24, 2007
I like pancakes

#150 by Sorry Japanese Only, Jul 24, 2007
Japan’s Image is wrong.
Please see below.

#151 by some.dude, Jul 24, 2007

Yeah, Japan’s image is showing Chinese. But all Asians are the same right? Good job Trifter, whoever you are. Trifter is “dedicated to providing you with the highest quality travel oriented content on the web.” Right.

(@70, Japanese has something called katakana to write foreign words like “McDonalds”).

#152 by mamasteff, Jul 24, 2007
Morocco will throw in the “McSahara” every once in a while – change the bun, add a little spice to the sauce… and yes, the old fashioned fried pies are better. They changed the pies to “baked” to make them healthier and yet… who is going to McDonald’s to buy a healthy dessert???

#153 by Bill W., Jul 24, 2007
I’ve eaten McDonalds completely around the Pacific Rim, and Southern Europe. The one distinct difference is the quality of the “hamburger” (not always) meat. It tastes different every place you go. The fries NEVER taste the same as they do in the US though. In Singapore, the Hunan/Peking/and whatever other Chinese provinces-Style ‘Extra Value Meals’ were quite amusing.

#154 by stickcandy, Jul 24, 2007
There are also rice burgers in the Philippines.

#155 by wak, Jul 24, 2007
hmm during chinese new year in Malaysia they have the prosperity burger, try it out. oval + beef @ chicken patties + black pepper sauce. I like

#156 by mmmmmmm, Jul 24, 2007
i like big macs

#157 by anonymous, Jul 24, 2007

OMG! this must be bringing in loads of income!

(im so sorry, but i couldnt resist posting that…)

#158 by mika, Jul 24, 2007
Palestine wants it’s own Arab state and yet, their own Arab neighbors won’t take them in. Israel, had to give them a piece of the gaza strip to stay.

#159 by Jack Legg, Jul 24, 2007
I be livin’ in Kansas and we have anti-sematic burgers. Oh, and we have pop, too.

#160 by #182, Jul 24, 2007
McDonalds will one day bring about world peace as we all share in the glory of French Fries. I hereby nominate Ronald McDonald to head the United Nations. All in favor say yes, All in favor say no. FYI-The best Big Mac I had ever was in France! So were the Fries…Ironic.

#161 by Chompa, Jul 25, 2007
I was in Ukraine for about a month a couple years back. They had the McRoyal (not sure how to spell that in English, the sign was Russian). The burgers tasted horrible, but the fries were okay. Also – I found that they had a pie that I didn’t recognize. I found someone that translated it as “Woodberry”. Not sure what the heck that is, but it was good too.

#162 by 2kool, Jul 25, 2007
pretty funky menu from around the globe it shows that even a fast food restaurant giant knows how to make money from different parts of the world :), but me personally i don’t have MC D’s, if i am gonna have fast food once in a blue moon, i go for Burger King!

#163 by Nogo, Jul 25, 2007
What’s with this “beetroot?” You Aussies mean “beet?”

#164 by Kooler, Jul 25, 2007
In Sweden we got McBums, made out of bums dat fall asleep at the wrong place, its tasty with sum mayo,sum cheese, onion,lettuce n a big fat slice of bacon 😉

#165 by Tim, Jul 26, 2007
Lobster rolls in parts of Massachusetts too. Actually pretty good for the price.

#166 by from japan, Jul 26, 2007
japanese pic is wrong.
Packages waitress have are not used in japanese McDonalds.
Japanese McDonalds uses not kanji but english and katakana(see @171) on package.

#167 by Nancy, Jul 26, 2007

I just don’t get why anyone would travel around the world and eat in a McDonalds? Sure, it’s fine to go every now and then, but in other countries there are so many more interesting and authentic choices.

I ate in a McDonalds in London, because of a time crunch once (going to see a play) and it felt like it could be anywhere, even with some differences in the menu. Although, I think I see some better choices elsewhere.

#168 by jew york, Jul 26, 2007

i was just in romania and hungary last month, and aside from the food actually being larger (the sandwiches) they also offer “exotic” flavoured fruit pies, milkshakes and sundaes. which is a sort of mango, pineapple, passionfruit mix. i wish they’d bring it to the us!

they also offer a tuna salad and sort of coleslaw salad but with a vinegar dressing instead of mayo.

#169 by Zero, Jul 27, 2007
OMG so thats why mc donalds are makin huge amounts holey …. i never new it was in israel Bloody hell

#170 by Gail Nobles, Jul 27, 2007
Great info!

#171 by Heimar Ungerer, Jul 27, 2007
I did not think it was so great.

#172 by Jack, Jul 27, 2007;=3

McKroket, Burgershaped Croquette (ragout fried in breadcrumbs) with Dijonmustard sauce.

#173 by Will, Jul 27, 2007
And in Africa we eat dead pig and cows on our burgers..

#174 by wb, Jul 27, 2007
On Guam, we have portugese sausage and eggs breakfast, I think they have them in Hawaii too.

#175 by Sqoobz, Jul 28, 2007

Why dont you guys go and eat some real food.

Thank gawd McDs is actually closing restaurants all over the world as they become less popular outside the US 😀

#176 by hi, Jul 28, 2007
i don’t know about in other parts of the world, but in Europe, McD’s doesn’t use trans fats or artificial sugar. so, while it may not be the healthiest choice, in Europe it’s far healthier than in the US.

#177 by Frank, Jul 28, 2007
In hawaii theres a spam sandwich. I think its actually called a spamwich. I didnt believe it either til i saw it last week.

#178 by ganxta1234, Jul 29, 2007

hey thats really interesting. Nice

Pleqse visit this site. What smoking leaves in your lungs

#179 by wesley willis, Jul 29, 2007

in some small towns where there are no dominoes or pizza hut, mcdonalds serves pizzas

I love mcdonalds
mcdonalds will make you fat
mcdonalds has big macs
Rock and roll mcdonalds!
Rock and roll mcdonalds!
Rock and roll mcdonalds!

#180 by , Jul 29, 2007

i don’t know about in other parts of the world, but in Europe, McD’s doesn’t use trans fats or artificial sugar. so, while it may not be the healthiest choice, in Europe it’s far healthier than in the US.

I doubt it
US has cut beef tallow frying out for trans fat benefits
and serves white 100% white meat chicken which most other countries don’t. Fact is mcdonalds is on the decline everywhere because people are choosing to eat better.

#181 by Darlene McFarlane, Jul 30, 2007
This was a very interesting article.
Good job!

#182 by ease, Jul 30, 2007
I love mcdonalds. But in the philippines, there is a similar chain that’s beating mcdonalds. It’s jollibee. Where there is a mcdonald store, a jollibee opens as well. Or vice versa. But if one observes, the market of mcdonalds are more of the class a and b, while jollibee caters mostly the b and c.

#183 by USA, Jul 30, 2007
In Pakistan they have McBomb. It explodes with every bite.

#184 by HezzA, Aug 5, 2007
people there is no such thing as a bogan burger in australia…

#185 by AlAN, Aug 5, 2007
America’s gift to the world…ignorance and truly bad fast food.

#186 by lol, Aug 6, 2007

#187 by vitalyuk, Aug 8, 2007
wow nice info must have took some time to research
come and check out my pics everyone

#188 by mcdonalds hater, Aug 8, 2007
I Hate McDonalds

#189 by Andrea, Aug 8, 2007
I am from Germany and always loved having my beer with the burger. I kinda miss it here in the US

#190 by Stacy, Aug 9, 2007
OK – Hawaii has some specialties as well. Portugese sausage for breakfast and saimen for lunch!

#191 by roger, Aug 9, 2007
how about the dutch McKroket?;=3

#192 by OsvaL, Aug 9, 2007
In Paraguay you have McEmpanadas and McMilanesa, also McCriolla three typically Paraguayan and Argentinian food.

#193 by Eagle0600, Aug 10, 2007
In Australia, they sell 100% real beef. Because we won’t eat it mixed with wheat filler.

#194 by Tangerine, Aug 10, 2007
I am sorry im a vegetarian.
Urg! I hate McDonalds

#195 by nilveda, Aug 10, 2007
In the 80’s, McDonald’s had a limited edition hot pineapple pie in Vancouver. It was so good! When I was a teenager a burger was 25 cents and they tasted way better then.

#196 by mokan, Aug 10, 2007
I like Jr.Mints.

#197 by McJoker, Aug 10, 2007
I heard in China there was a McDog burger and in Scotland everything is deep fried including the ice cream

#198 by stanley, Aug 10, 2007

why moan at each other over mcdonalds? hehe you guys are silly. its mcdonalds, nothing more nothing less, why get annoyed or uptight over any of this?

seems kinda pointless to meeeeeeee

#199 by ganxta, Aug 10, 2007

hey guys

Very good artıcle. ınterestıng.

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#200 by RecklessRonny, Aug 10, 2007
Sheesh I thought it should be enough that McDonalds trash is in Canada and the United States.They have to go an set the other countries over seas with Miky D’s trash along there Highways too.

#201 by rid the eye, Aug 11, 2007
uhh… lemonade cleanse? hahaha

#202 by MICHAEL J.SCHMITZ, Aug 11, 2007

#203 by Mariam, Aug 12, 2007
Hi, I am from Doha, Qatar < an arabic country !
I wanna tell u that the pic of the McDo. in “Israil” is right , cos the country called ( PALASTAINE ) but u ppl call it “Israil” coz they took over some places, I think that pic was taken in Palastain not in the places that Israil “have” , and we have it in Qatar too, the MacArabia , but I didnt try it yet 😛 hehe
I would like to try the one from HongKong , it looks tastey 🙂
Thx 4 the pics

#204 by quiet voice, Aug 12, 2007
very, very interesting, McDonald’s should be soooo happy!

#205 by YouFOOLS, Aug 12, 2007

HA ha ha ha… a Middle Eastern McDonalds burger may have been attributed to a restaurant from the wrong country and we then have hundreds of people arguing about something as simple as that.

Damn! Imagine if Middle Easterns disagreed about religion!!!

…oh wait a minute…

#206 by harpoon, Aug 12, 2007
We’we recently added “McWhale” to our menu here in Tromsø, Norway.

#207 by Face, Aug 13, 2007
In Holland we’ve added the mckroket a couple of years ago! credits to Bull

#208 by madison & matt, Aug 13, 2007
i went on a mission trip to romania and ate a a mcdonalds in austria and timasora, romania. its alot better than the american mcdonalds except the coffee it is awful.

#209 by colleen, Aug 14, 2007
Guys, Micky D’s dosen’t sell the McOz burger anymore. Which is a shame ‘cos it was super yummy and really popular (at least where I live)

#210 by Base, Aug 14, 2007
In Finland we have Rye bread Burgers called McRuis

#211 by Mike, Aug 14, 2007
No McDonalds in Vietnam yet (hooray!!!!!!). Coming soon no doubt (boo hiss!!!!!!) We’re currently Starbucks free too…Just a few KFCs and a couple of Pizza Huts to pollute the place.

#212 by Santosa, Aug 14, 2007

WE also get a HAMBURGER ROYAL TS here in Germany

#213 by bigal, Aug 15, 2007
A point of information to all you ignorant goyim…if the menu is in Israel, it would be printed in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.That photo is from an Arab country not Israel.

#214 by svedoz, Aug 15, 2007
Sweden was on a winner with the McBengt in 2001. And I think there was a McTomas.

#215 by Abhilash, Aug 16, 2007

In India, McDonalds really sucks. Bland food that looks and tastes the same no matter what you order.

Only chicken burgers are served. not even pork or ham or anything else. There is 1 fish burger called fillet of fish.

#216 by Dima, Aug 16, 2007

Dima from Ukraine reporting about my trip to the local McDonalds 🙂

The Big Mac is exactly the same as in the states. The menu itself is slightly more limited. Here there are two varieties of the same burger: The Big Tasty here is different than in the states. Instead of mayonaise they use some kind of sauce called “grill sauce”. The other variety of this burger is called the McLavache which uses a pita instead of sesame seed buns. I don’t really like the sauce… maybe next time I’ll go I’ll ask for Big Mac sauce instead. The fries are pretty much the same except they come in two varities. Regular and western wedge style. Pies come in two varities as well: sour cherry and kiwi. The pies are pretty good. There are 3 flavors of soda: Coca-Cola, orange Fanta, and Sprite along with iced black tea, iced green tea, tomato juice, orange juice, coffee, etc. I believe they sell ciggarettes there as well. While a lot of the other countries’ menus do look better than a standard US menu, I’d say the US selection is slightly better than here in Ukraine.

#217 by Mr B, Aug 16, 2007
Thailand has a fantastically named dessert called a “Palm Toddy”. Is it just me, or does that sound rude?

#218 by Japanese, Aug 16, 2007

Japanese image is difficult.

Probably that picture is China or Taiwan.

Because Kanji isn’t used in Mc’Donald’s paper of Japan.

#219 by yay me, Aug 16, 2007
haha beer

#220 by Lucille, Aug 17, 2007
Mac Management should consider to offer 2 or 3 International Choices in addition to the ‘Regular’ variety in their locations.

#221 by FeelingFlirty, Aug 17, 2007
I had a McOz burger in Australia yesterday so they’re available some places. Nother better than beets on a burger 🙂

#222 by kellie hastings, Aug 17, 2007
Well I would have never known their menu vary this much.
I know here the nutrition doesn’t measure up but hey, I
get that urge to eat my favourite, Quarter Pounder Please!
Great stuff. You get your research online, love your articles.

#223 by Beatrice, Aug 17, 2007
Thanks, kellie! We look forward to seeing your articles too. Feel free to post a link here when they come out 😉

#224 by Belgian, Aug 18, 2007
What’s the big deal about beer at McDonalds? here in Belgium we have it too..

#225 by Germany, Aug 18, 2007
Dude, I think you got at least half the pictures wrong.
Yes, McD sells beer here in Germany but in all the years I’ve been going there I’ve never seen a Big McFeast. It looks a bit like the sandwich they call Big Tasty. But that picture is almost 100% not taken in a German McD.Plus although they do sell beer in Germany and in most other European countries, it is quite uncommon and I hardly ever saw someone actually order one.But still it’s somewhat amazing to see how well McD adapted their strategy to the different people in the world while still keeping the basic concept which made them so huge.

#226 by lfkdjgflkj, Aug 18, 2007
i think the united states should adopt the beer idea.

#227 by Tom, Aug 19, 2007
McDonalds doesn’t serve beer in Germany anymore since at least ten years. Where do you get your info from, man? xD

#228 by Jake, Aug 19, 2007
In Finland we have rye versions of hamburgers (rye is in finnish ruis). Add next picture to the list

#229 by özgür, Aug 19, 2007

i am from turkey.we are drinking “Mc Ayran” here. Please click for look this link.

#230 by kellie hastings, Aug 20, 2007
Thanks Beatrice I have something interesting
facts on aging and Why We Age

#231 by Onflame, Aug 20, 2007
Awesome article!! It totally rocks! I’ve tasted the McAloo Tikka and also the McShawarma – both rock!

#232 by Arafat Carter, Aug 21, 2007
Will you shut up about the Mid- East crisis FFS!
Every Goddam forum/ message board I go on no matter what subject some dildo ends up talking about the bloody Mid-East crisis or Bush and ‘B-Liar’ get dragged into it! No wonder people are losing sympathy for what’s happening, they are being bored to death over it! This site is about burgers FGS!That said, I wish they’d introduce that McLobster roll here in the UK 🙂

#233 by joemar, Aug 21, 2007
Here in the Philippines, McDonalds also have McRice burger.

#234 by Tom, Aug 22, 2007
In Hawaii, they serve plates of spam, eggs, and rice.

#235 by TG Not jizzabelle, Aug 23, 2007

“Its sad that you do not know that there are Arabic people in Israel… Just turn on the news. Better yet! Use the exact same internet that you just used to view this to actually EDUCATE yourself. God Bless USA and UK”

Heh, maybe you can pray to that same God for some manners, among other things. God Bless just the USA and UK? So to hell with everyone else?

Nice way to represent there. Did you ask yourself WWJD before responding?

(Yeah, I realize I’m responding to some twit’s comments from July…I need to get a life.)

Cool article, anyway.

#236 by Army Rags, Aug 23, 2007
Was stationed in Germany for 8 years. When I first got there, McDonalds was no where around. About the last year I was there, we got one in Nürnberg and like you say, they served beer. I married a German girl from Nürnberg and we go back over there a couple of times each year and I always have beer when going to McDonalds. There’s a few photos of McDonalds in Nürnberg, Bamberg and Erlangen on the Nürnberg Military Area’s website at:

#237 by Onflame, Aug 23, 2007
Aw man, i’ve voted this article thrice till now- its just WAU TOO GOOD!

#238 by Beatrice, Aug 23, 2007
Thank you, Onflame! (No, we writers are NOT immune to such flattery 🙂 )

#239 by Mitch Davis, Aug 24, 2007
yum…the salmon and the lobster ones are making my mouth water… and that’s strange, for a maccas meal. Great article.

#240 by Michael, Aug 24, 2007
Hey here in the Philippines we have the McRice Burger just like in Hong Kong! Believe me, it tastes great! You can [almost] not taste the rice patties…

#241 by Texan, Aug 25, 2007
Wow, I had no idea people were so slefish, ignorant, and apathetic. I’m glad the world can share the yummy of the Mac. I liked the Macrib OK but they discontinued it so, that’s cool.

#242 by, Aug 27, 2007
What about McPork in Japan? Isnt that strange?

#243 by derek, Aug 27, 2007

so much crap!


#244 by patrice, Aug 27, 2007
no thank u i dont need any ingredaiants so u think agin k