Madhatter’s Tea House and Cafe – San Antonio

What a great place? What ambiance? Madhatter’s is the place to visit for a great time while in San Antonio.

Reminiscing about the simpler times of our younger days still makes us smile. The fairy tale lives we once lived escape us once we reach adulthood and step into the big world of life. Step into the Madhatter’s Tea House and Cafe and you can relive some of those merry days of childhood. This den of delight sits on the corner of South Alamo and Beauregard Street’s in the historic King William District.

Owner Rene’ Guerrero brings to us a bit of whimsy in a face-paced world. Stepping into the establishment one feels the pressures of life slipping away amid the colorful interior and warm confines. Madhatters offers an eclectic array of fine teas, wonderful food and an awesome atmosphere to enjoy it all in. The upbeat personality of Guerrero brings a good feeling to all who stop by.
“I don’t know if I ever thought I would have my dream job. This is my dream job,” says Guerrero in a tone full of enthusiasm. This effervescent quality permeates through the whole cafe. It’s hard to enter the confines of Madhatters and not feel the warmth and happiness of the place.
Of course, tea is a staple on the menu. Guerrero opines, “Tea is all about slowing down.” With an amazing array of teas to choose from everyone will find a favorite to enjoy.
The menu at Madhatters features fare that is both diverse, as well as delicious. Featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner and open seven days a week, the cafe serves a varied clientele. “75% of our customer’s are regulars,” states Guerrero. Keeping the menu appealing is quite a chore when so much of your business is repeat customers. Sandwiches and salads are the main fare for lunch and dinner with Eggs Benedict, French toast and English muffins so