Best Pizza Shops in and Around Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Best Pizza Shops in and Around Pottstown, Pennsylvania Read more:

Best Pizza Shops in and Around Pottstown, Pennsylvania This article lists the best pizza restaurants in the Pottstown area.

If you are looking for a good place to get pizza in the Pottstown, PA area then make sure you check out the following shops. Most of these shops offer delivery and they all have takeout and plenty of spaces to sit and eat.  Almost all of these shops offer hoagies and cheesesteaks along with the other usual Italian dishes common to these restaurants.  What I am listing here will be just for the quality of the pizza though.  So without further ado here are my recommendations of the best pizza in the area:

1.)  Palermo’s Pizza–  Located in the old Mcdonald’s on Charlotte Street at the North End shopping center.  Try their cheesesteak pizza, it is the absolute best in the area.

2.)  Parma Pizza– Located at the Coventry Mall shopping center.  However the restaurant is not in the mall itself, instead it is located next to Superfresh right next to the mall.  Offering a lot of speciality pizzas such as stuffed pizza and white pizza.  Very good place to eat at.

3.)  Mike’s Brick Over Pizza — Located on Charlotte Street right down the block from Professional Pharmacy.  This place has the best brick oven pizza in the area.  Incredible taste for those liking these types of pizzas.

4.)  Ice House Deli– Located at the intersection of Manatawny Street and King Street.  Thin crust makes this pizza very light on the stomach but the flavor remains very good.

5.)  Bravo’s Pizza — Located on High Street about one block down from K-Mart.  Nice huge selection of different varieties of slices and pies.  Pizza is very tasty.

6.)  Famous Fat Freddies — Located on high street next to Pat’s beverages.   Very reasonable prices and pizza is very good.

7.)  Sal’s Pizza — Relatively new place.  (actually old place under new management -used to be Norco Pizza).  This place offers incredible deals at times such as $1.00 slices and to make it even better the pizza is good.

Well that is it for my recommendations and what places I consider to be the best in the Pottstown area for pizza.  Of course, places such as Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Dominos are pretty good too but nothing beats a good homemade pizza in my book,