April Events – Springtime in Missouri brings changes, lots to do, and new directions.

Springtime in Missouri brings changes, lots to do, and new directions.

My Triond Friends and Readers, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks since I’ve had time to sit back and just write out a friendly note.  Spring has burst out in blossom everywhere, and the local scenery is magnificent.

Last weekend, I drove to Kansas City to drop a friend off at the airport.  This involved a three-hour trip from the hills and hollows of southern Missouri, up across open farming country, into the urban area that is Greater Kansas City.  The weather was lovely; and, of course, I took my camera.

On other fronts, I’ve gotten two garden beds planted.  Haven’t seen much in the way of plants yet, but I’m hopeful that I will see their little green faces any day now.  I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning.  I know I cleaned during the winter, but somehow all this bright spring sunshine puts a real spotlight on the dirt that’s been hiding in the corners.

This is the season of testing school children to see if they learned anything during the school year.  The tests are spread out over several days to relieve the stress and fatigue factors for our youngsters.  This is our third week of testing, and I do believe we shall all be happy to see the end of it.

School budgets are very much in the news and in the legislative houses this spring.  A proposed bit of legislature that would have cut massive amounts of money out of the school budgets across the state was over-turned, and now the cuts will only be moderately ouchy instead of excruciating.

Writing for dollars instead of pennies continues to be a reality for me, so I’ve been making hay while the sun shines.  This is one reason I’ve not written much for Triond.  While this is my home-base for advice, good reads and friends, I’ve learned that there really are a limited number of articles in me in one evening or one weekend.

I’ve signed up for another year of teaching, so income for the coming year looks relatively stable.

Summer vacation is on its way, and I just about can’t wait.  If I can manage the fees, I’ll be taking graduate classes this summer, and continuing to hone my writing skills.  That will keep me pretty busy, but some other things have switched around in my life, so I’m hoping to get in some time to  go fishing and general just enjoy life.

Rest assured, my friends, I have not forgotten you.  Life has just gotten a little bit interesting of late.