Amusement Park Amazement: Lagoon – near Salt Lake City, Utah

Amusement Park

Amusement parks are always fun, and Lagoon is amazing. Lagoon, which is near Salt Lake City, Utah

With Spring quickly approaching and Summer a few months away, many are looking for some fun things to do.  One suggestion I have is to spend the day at an amusement park.  If you are anywhere near Salt Lake City, Utah you can head over to Lagoon.

Some history about Lagoon:

Lagoon, which is near Salt Lake City, Utah; was started in 1886.  When it first began there were no crazy rides of course, but admission was only 50 cents.  Those who entered the park could do a lot of fun things though.  At the time they could go swimming, dancing, bowling, go on on the mule-drawn merry go round (the original) plus a lot of other fun things.  However if they wanted a meal, it cost an extra 50 cents

1906 brought the first “thrilling” ride called Shoot the Chutes, and the Carousel with 45 hand carved horses. If you go to the Park, you can still find the same carousel today.

In 1989, the Lagoon A Beach Water park was installed, which in turn brought a lot more fun to the whole Lagoon experience.

Now there are a lot more actual rides, something for everyone.  Whether you want fun, wild, thrilling, or whatever, they have it.

Here are a few rides I will go into depth on, these are in fact rides that I have been on before!

Colossus: The Fire Dragon

Colossus: The Fire Dragon

The Colossus is for those that are looking for a wild thrill.  This ride is like a rollarcoaster, just with loops.  Hold onto your hat, this ride will take upside down (if I remember correctly twice).  The speed of the Colossus is 55 MPH and lasts for 1 minute and 45 seconds.  Built 27 years ago, it is still a wild ride to this day.

The Spider

The Spider

As you line up for the ride, the first thing you see is a Giant spider, if that does not scare you away, then the ride will be cake.  The spider’s speed is about 38 MPH and it’s highest point is 53 feet. There is twisting and turning, and occasionally some spinning.  The spider is one of the more recent rides, built in 2003.

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse was built in 1998, and runs around 28 MPH.  It is another fun, but slightly crazy, ride.  You climb up the coaster, and drop down as you spin around, and feel negative G forces.  My only complain about the ride was the pain I felt when I felt the negative forces; it felt like it was just jerking you around which caused some neck pain.  However, it was still a fun ride.

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

If you have ever been to a regular carnival, or a county fair that has rides, I am sure you have heard of the Pirate Ship ride.  The Tidal wave is pretty much the same thing.  Up to 54 people get on board a boat shaped ride and rock back and forth.  Each time it gets higher and higher (up to 66 feet high).  The only difference is at Lagoon, the ride is over water.  Tidal Wave came to Lagoon in 1980.

Log Flume

The log flume is one of the rides in the waterpark.  The Log Flume is a classic ride built in 1976.  Two to four people ride this log slowly up a hill, upon reaching the hill they are dropped down the chute at great speeds until reaching the water with a splash.  Usually the people in the back of the log get hit with the most water.

Rattlesnake RapidsRattlesnake Rapids

Finally,Rattlesnake Rapids, built in 1997.  The ride lasts around five to six minutes.  Up to nine people can fit in one raft which is carried through the white rapids and occasionally they come across rising water and then waterfalls.  If you don’t want to get soaked, then this is probably not your ride.  Sure this is not for the thrill seekers, as it is more a relaxing ride, but I still would recommend to go on this water splashing adventure.

Have you ever been to Lagoon?  If so what was your favorite ride?  Maybe you have been to a different amusement park.  Feel free to share your experience!