About i711.com

i711.com is Relay and BeyondSM
i711.com takes a new approach to Internet relay: deliver the best call experience, the best call tools, and add in community content and news that’s important to the relay user. i711.com blends the “basics” of relay-reliability, consistency, confidentiality-with features and services that take your relay experience to the next level. i711.com is “relay and beyond.”

Better Relay with i711.com
If you’ve tried the relay services offered by the phone companies, you know how they work. You also know they’re all pretty much the same: “basic.” If relay is an important tool for you, shouldn’t it have the features you need to make your relay call experience the best it can be?

Only i711.com gives you all of this:

Smart Dialing

  • i711 Phone Book. An online phone book to store your frequently called numbers – no more looking for your numbers!
  • i711 Speed Dial. One-click dialing of the numbers you call the most.
  • i711 Recent Calls. Redialing has never been this easy. i711.com stores the last 10 numbers you’ve dialed. Just choose one from the drop down menu, and then redial it with a single click.

Custom Calling

  • My i711. Customized Calling Made Easy. Customize your relay calls so they happen the way you want them to. Set your preferences once, and they’re automatically applied to every relay call you make using i711.com.

Bonus Features

  • i711 Community. News, Movies and More. Stay tapped into what’s happening with the deaf and hard of hearing communities worldwide. Watch technology and world news headlines. Even keep track of the open captioned movies playing near you. Only i711.com blends the relay services you need with a connection to your community and the things you’re interested in.
  • i711.com Toolbar with ClickRelaytm. Take accessible web surfing to the next level with the i711.com Toolbar with ClickRelay. This free download adds one-click i711.com relay calling to your browser, lets you make relay calls from any web site you visit, and much more.
  • i711.com on AOL Instant Messenger. If you use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) for relay, i711.com on AIM will make your AIM relay calls a snap! With i711.com on AIM, it’s easy to call who you want, the way you want, in just one step. More info.
  • New! i711 Wireless. Do you have a T-Mobile Sidekick or other wireless device? Download i711 Wireless to get the best mobile relay experience available.

Trust i711.com for your Relay Needs
i711.com service is the result of a partnership between GoAmerica and Nordia. Nordia is a relay provider for one of largest relay programs in the U. S., and a provider of Canada’s relay service. GoAmerica provides the technology and service innovation, while Nordia delivers the operator quality, service reliability, and call experience you need for the best relay call experience. i711.com is a service you can trust for all your Internet relay calls.

Welcome to the i711.com Community
Welcome to a community of relay users who want more from their relay service. The most important part of i711.com is the “i”; this is your relay service and you get to help shape how it works, what it looks like, and what features it should have. Please share your suggestions for changes, features, or improvements to make i711.com even better. Just click here to tell us what you think.

Contact us.
To contact us, click on the Support tab above. We look forward to your comments, and to becoming your choice for Internet relay.

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