A Tourist’s Guide to NYC and Paris

This guide tells you what you might not have known about these two cities.

New York City

New York is filled with lots of activities, and outdoor performances, and let’s do mention many lights! In fact, it should be called the city of lights, like Paris, although Paris has many great lights as well. One can be walking in Time Square in the middle of the night and mistake it for daytime. I know that has happened to me, no jokes.

I’ve been to New York plenty of times not to know its greatest, most grandeur attractions. One of such, which I think would make it at the top of the list, is the Statue of Liberties. Although it can be seen from New Jersey’s State Park, it is part of the New York skyline. One must indeed visit this monument, and go even for the torch, if possible. It’s quite an adventure!

Before 2001, another great attraction would have been the Twin Towers. Those buildings stretched as far as anyone could imagine, and dominated the New York skyline. It was indeed a marvel that is no longer there. However, you can still get the best out of New York. For instance, central park has been a welcome mat for lovers of nature, not only tourists but also New York residents who want to escape the urban noise and stressing factors. It’s quite magnificent and picturesque. There are mainly four bodies of water, the Reservoir, the Lake, Harlem Meer, and the Pond, in that order from largest to smallest. Among the many things that are in Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum makes a pretty good impression, and has a tourist magnet of its own.

New York City alone doesn’t sum up the magnificence of the States. There are indeed many other great places to visit, such as North Carolina, a personal favorite of mine, New England, and many coastal states such as Florida, if one has a weakness for the beach! Next Stop, Europe!


The city of lights is indeed awesome! Well, it might as well be the center of Europe, but I think it’s famous enough for its position as Fashion Capital of the World. Aside from the States, France welcomes the most tourists a year than anywhere else. The most popular French destination of course is Paris.

Not exactly my hometown, but I think I can be an advocate. It is breathtaking, and not many can resist Paris, but one of the things that Paris is famous for, besides culture, is the Eiffel Tower. It seems with national monuments these days, sky is the limit. However, in Paris, you don’t see too many skyscrapers, like in New York, but that’s really nothing to sneeze at.

Now, everyone should be familiar with Moulin Rouge. It’s the red windmill with lots of lights, hence the name, Moulin Rouge, which means red windmill. This cabaret, a restaurant or nightclub featuring a stage for performance, will offer you one of the best times of your life! Did I mention that the food was excellent? But that’s no poor man’s menu! There is no wonder it’s located in the “red-light” district. Aside from the Moulin Rouge, there are many more attractions, and a trip to Paris is like a trip to Paradise!

Ever wonder how the Parisians spent their summers? Well, the ones that chose to stay in Paris over the summer, at least. The beach is always a good idea. Yes. I said beach. The Seine River is unlike any other in the world. It has many things in contrast to other rivers. It’s green, to name one. By the way, that sounds disgusting, but since it’s in Paris (well, it runs through Paris), the impossible is always possible. During summers, many Parisians, as well as tourists, bring their beach chairs and strip to their underwear. And to make it more convincing, they even add Palm trees, or Palmettos along the quays, and they soak up the sun. How imaginative!

But make sure to visit the Louvre and the Versailles palace before your next stop to London, Paris’s brother city. However, London and Paris is not the only tourist attractions in Europe. In that list, there is Marseille, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, and many more cities that tourists cannot resist. Together they make Europe what she is today.