10 Spectacular U.S. Cities at Night

America’s cities are beautiful by day, but the view becomes spectacular and romantic by night.

Las Vegas, Nevada (Hotel and casino, Paris Las Vegas)

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 Las Vegas, located in Nevada, was incorporated as a city in1911. It is known worldwide as a resort city for international and domestic tourists. It is one of the United States most populous city. In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated its population to be 603,093. Shopping, gambling and entertainment are just a few contributors that gave Las Vegas the nickname, “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” Sometimes it is  called by another nickname, “Sin City,” because of its adult entertainment. Most of its casinos (its main attractions) are on the Las Vegas Strip.  Casino-Paris, seen above, is one of Las Vegas popular hotel casino.


Downtown Long Beach, California

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Long Beach, located in southern California, was named and incorporated as a city in 1888. It was originally inhabited by indigenous groups of people.  The Tongva group was the dominant group, until the Spanish explorers arrived in the sixteenth-century. All groups gradually disappeared due to politics, land grants, granted by King Carlos lll, and death from disease that they contracted from the European explorers. In 1834 a portion of land, Rancho Los Cerritos, was purchased from the Spanish, by a Yankee named Jonathan Temple. Temple built a ranch known as the Los Cerritos Ranch House, which is now a National Historic Landmark. It is said that Temple and the ranch had significant roles in the Mexican-American War.   With an estimated population, in 2008, of 492,682, Long Beach has grown to be the fifth largest city in California. It also owns one of the world’s largest shipping port.


The Chicago River at Night


Chicago, located in the state of Illinois, was founded in 1833 and incorporated in 1837, it is the largest city in the state of Illinois. It is also the our country’s third most populated city. Three combine states, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, make up The Chicago metropolitan area. The combined population is estimated to be over 9.5 million people. The second busies airport, O’Hara international is located in the “Windy City,” one of the nicknames given to the city because of its climate. “City of Big Shoulders,” is another nickname given to the city, referring to the strong shoulders of working men in the earlier industries.

The Chicago River at Night  (Picture 2)


Chicago,in 1871, experienced one of the United State’s largest disasters of the nineteenth-century. “The Great Chicago Fire,” burned from Sunday to Tuesday, destroying a large portion of the city. Rebuilding the city got  underway very quickly.  During the continual construction, in 1885 the first skyscraper was built using steel-skeleton frames. The World’s Fair, in 1893 and gangsters, particularly Al Capone brought more notoriety to Chicago.


Detroit Skyline


Detroit, located in the state of Michigan, was founded in 1701 by the Frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac and fifty-one other French Canadians. It was name after the Detroit River and is the a major port city in the U.S.. Because it lies north of Windsor, Ontario it is the only city in the United States that looks south to Canada. Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan, and is known worldwide for its automobile and music industries. Both industries contributed to the nicknames rendered to this city. “The Motor City,” was given to Detroit because of the booming automobile industry, which is now undergoing a major reconstruction, and “Motown.” was given to it because of the booming music industry. The Motown Record Company’s original name was Tamla Records, founded by Mr. Barry Gordy Jr. in April, 1960. Mr. Gordy sold the company in 1988 to MCA and Boston Ventures

Cincinnati Skyline


Cincinnati, located in the state of Ohio, has a population of 332,458, which makes it  the state’s third largest city.   Because  the Europeans had very little influence on its establishment, it is sometime called “America’s first pure city.” Cincinnati is the home of two major sports teams, the Cincinnati Bengals, a Professional Football team, and the Cincinnati Reds, a Major Baseball team.

Denver at Night


Denver, is located in the state of Colorado, and is the state’s capital.  It is the most populated city in the state. Its population in 2008, according to the United States Census Bureau, was approximately 598,707. Denver’s central business district, located downtown, is said to be the tenth largest in the United States, and has 34 buildings reaching over 300ft. The tallest building in downtown Denver, is the 56-story Republic Plaza, which rises to 714ft. It is the ninety-ninth tallest building in the United States, and is the tallest building in the entire state of Colorado