10 Spectacular U.S. Cities at Night Part 2

San Francisco


San Francisco, located in the state of California, was claimed by Spain in the early sixteenth-century. In 1776, the Golden Gate fort and Mission Francis of Assisi was established by the Spanish. In the eighteenth-hundreds, San Francisco began its rapid growth, especially in 1848, during the California Gold Rush. At that time San Francisco became the largest city on the West Coast. However, it suffered a devastating lost due to the 1906 earthquake and fire, but quickly rebuilt. Today, San Francisco is one of the most populated city in California. In 2008 its population was 808,976. It is known worldwide as a popular destination for tourist. Some of its major attractions are, its steep rolling hills, Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, its chilly summer fog, cable cars, and its mix architectural buildings of modern and Victorian styles.
Waikiki Beach at Sunset

Waikiki (means spouting fresh water), is located in Hawaii in the city and county of Honolulu. In the 1800s Waikiki area was the royal retreat for the rich Hawaiians. In the early 1920s and 1930s, Waikiki Beach suffered from serious sand erosion. To combat the problem, sand was shipped from Manhattan Beach, California until the1970s. Today, on Waikiki Beach, there are many hosted events, such as surf competitions, hula dancing, and outrigger canoe races. There are also many hotels, such as the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Sheraton Waikiki, and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, for tourists to choose from.
Portland, Oregon (he Williamette River)

Portland, located in the state of Oregon, is known as the “The City of Roses,” because the weather is said to perfect for growing roses. However, it was originally called the “The Clearing,” which was located along the Willamette River. William Overton partnered with Asa Lovejoy, when he saw a commercial potential for the 640 acre “clearing.” Overton, later sold his half of the land to Francis W. Pettygrove. Both men want to name the town. The dispute was settled with the toss of a penny, Pettygrove won the toss. The Oregon Historical Society, displays that very coin, known as the Portland Penny, at it headquarters. Today, Portland is Oregon’s thirtieth most populated city. As of 2008, its population was estimated to be 575,930. Tourists can attend, if they wish, the Oregon Ballet Theatre, the Oregon Symphony, the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Oregon Brewers Festival and the Portland International Beerfest, just to name a fewer. Portland’s tourists will never be bored.