Important Notice

As a result of FCC action, i711 is forced to cease providing this service to our customers effective November 14, 2014.

If you would like to use i711 after this date, you will need to port your text ten-digit number to Sprint, the only remaining provider.

No other services will be affected. Purple will continue to provide our industry-leading VRS, VRI and on-site interpreting services.

Products & Services

With i711, you can easily make and receive calls with a variety of different devices and platforms, including PC, Mac®, netbooks, Android™, Blackberry®, iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad® and AIM®.

Connect instantly using the web

Almost ten years ago, our engineers set out to simplify how Deaf people made phone calls, offering freedom from expensive equipment and outdated technology. That’s how i711 was born.

Today, i711 is America’s favorite relay service. With a sleek design and proven technology, i711 makes all your calls easier with fast answers, great operators and customized calls. The next time you want to make a call, try i711!

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i711 offers you the freedom of using your wireless device to make relay calls anytime! Whatever device you choose, i711 has an app with features that make your mobile relay experience convenient.

Download the i711 app for your favorite devices today!

i711 offers you the freedom of using your BlackBerry device to make relay calls anytime!

Relay calling options for Android and iPhone users are available from IP Relay.

Storm, Pearl, Tour, Bold or Curve? As a BlackBerry user, one of these is your wireless life. i711 makes your Blackberry even better. In just a few taps, the free i711 app installs on your BlackBerry.

Add i711 for AIM! It’s free and easy.

AOL Instant Messenger

i711 is the fastest and easiest way to make relay calls using your AIM account. And while you’re signed in, you can receive calls when a hearing caller dials your 10-digit number. Simply add "i711relay" to your buddy list, type the number you wish to dial and click "Send."

One-step Dialing. Enter the phone number you want to dial to the screen name "i711relay" and you’re connected!

Letter Dialing Plus. i711 automatically changes phone numbers containing letters to numbers!

i711 Phone Book Access. No need to remember any of your numbers, just type “call [name]” and i711 dials the number automatically!

Name Look Up. Have more than one person in your phone book that shares the same name? No problem! Type the name you wish to dial and i711 displays all contacts with that name. Just pick a name and i711 connects you!

Wireless Relay Calls with AIM. If you have a wireless device with AIM, you can make i711 relay calls anywhere you go. Simply launch the AIM application and choose who you want to call.

  • BlackBerry

    i711 was the first relay service available on Blackberry, so we know what Blackberry users need.

    Storm, Pearl, Tour, Bold or Curve? As a BlackBerry user, one of these is your wireless life. i711 makes your Blackberry even better. In just a few taps, the free i711 app installs on your BlackBerry.

  • Android

    Android App QR Code

    Whether you’re making calls or receiving calls, i711 for Android keeps you in better contact and connects you to the people who are important to you. It also includes inbound calling. Stay connected when you need to be with i711.

    Watch a video tour of i711 for Android.

    Inbound calling requires Android 2.2 or later.

  • iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

    Get more from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad! i711 makes relay calls quick and easy, with features like One-Tap Redial, Custom Calling and more.

    Only i711 brings nearly a decade of relay experience to every iPhone relay call. You could use another relay service, but why? Count on i711 for all your calls.

    Why i711?

    Address Book. Easy calls every time! Simply tap the "Contacts" icon and dial anyone with just one tap!

    One-Tap Redial. Tap the "Recent" icon in your i711 app and a list of recently-dialed numbers appear. Simply tap the contact you want to dial!

    Customize Your Calls. Create your own "Missed Call" message and add in "Special Instructions" for the CA.